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Turkey is excellent positioned, the gateway between Europe and Asia. Istanbul is the new „cool“, holding two continents together and being home to a very diverse crowd. Geopolitically a top 3 country and with a population of over 80 millions persons, it has currently one of the fastest emerging and growth-leading economies.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment programs was launched in 2017 and grants exceptional citizenship to foreign investors who invest at least USD 400،000 in real-estate in the country, accepted by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. The program became quickly one of the most populars in the industry, especially with a lot of attraction from Middle East applicants.

The holding period of the property must be at least 3 years. Citizenship is for life with the right to live, work, possess property and retire in Turkey. Also it provides the opportunity to apply for a E-2 visa to the United States.