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Famous for its spice plantations, Grenada is one of the last hidden gems in the West Indies. With a population of over 110,000 and a surface space of 344 square km the three islands that make up Grenada are some of the most unspoiled and exotic areas in the Caribbean, boasting both mountain peaks and white and golden sand beaches alongside a rich authentic cultural experience.

Grenada citizens can travel visa free to more than 140 countries, including Schengen Zone, United Kingdom, China, Singapore etc.


Grenada’s Citizenship-by-investment program was unveiled in 2013, making it the newest of the Caribbean offerings. The route to citizenship is achievable either by a minimum US$ 150,000 donation to the National Transformation Fund, or investment of US$ 220,000 into an approved real-estate project in Grenada, which the applicant needs to maintain for a minimum of five years. Grenada is the only Citizenship by Investment program in the Caribbean which offers the opportunity to obtain an E-2 investor visa in the US.