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Greece, in South Eastern Europe, with its ancient ruins and rich history is home to over 10 million citizens. It boasts a number of large cities with Athens as its capital and political center of the world’s oldest democracy. Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean but is also mountainous with Mount Olympus forming its highest peak. The Greek economy is made up primarily of service sector, maritime industry, agriculture and tourism.


Greece offers a Golden Visa program that allows international investors to purchase qualifying real estate for at least €250,000 to receive a renewable residency permit. The real estate may be rented out and can be made up of several separate properties.  Processing times of as little as two months other additional benefits include visa free travel with the Schengen block. The main applicant may include parents, children up to age 21 and a spouse in the application. The residence permit holder has to proof substantial funds to cover health insurance and living expenses and may establish a business in Greece. Tax is only payable for income generated in Greece but not on worldwide income.